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Thermal oil heater FAQ's

  • How to select heat medium oil for liquid phase heating systems?
    1.The outlet temperature of thermal fluid boiler is higher than 400 ℃:Inorganic salt heat carriers are generally used, and molten salt heat carriers of nitrateLearn more>>
  • What are the primary components of a thermal fluid system?
    A typical system includes the heater, circulation pump, expansion tank, and the user's process. Depending on the temperature requirements and the system designLearn more>>
  • Can thermal fluids be mixed?
    Mixing different fluids and subjecting them to high temperatures can have unpredictable results. In addition, once fluids have been mixed, the baseline analysisLearn more>>
  • Why is an expansion tank required?
    All thermal fluids expand as they are heated. The amount of expansion is based on the operating temperature, system volume and the coefficient of thermal expansLearn more>>
  • When would I use steam versus hot water or thermal fluid?
    Steam carries about 540 Kcal/kg of useful energy whereas hot water and thermal fluid carry much less energy. Steam does not require a pump to transfer the energLearn more>>
  • Is there a minimum flow requirement for a thermal fluid heater?
    A minimum flow rate is required in order to maintain the appropriate velocities through the heater (typically 3 – 4 m/sec). If the velocity is too low the filmLearn more>>
  • What types of materials (valves, piping, gaskets etc.) should be used with thermal fluid systems?
    Typically, thermal fluid systems should use either carbon or stainless steel components. Brass, bronze, cast iron, and aluminum are incompatible with thermal flLearn more>>
  • How to choose a thermal fluid?
    The required operating temperature along with the physical properties (specific heat, maximum operating temperature, vapor pressure, specific gravity and coeffiLearn more>>
  • What is a thermal fluid system?
    A thermal fluid system is a closed loop using mineral or synthetic oil as the heat transfer fluid. These systems operate at elevated temperatures while maintaLearn more>>
  • When should I use a thermal fluid system?
    The choice between a steam system or a thermal fluid system is governed by the process requirements. The range or process temperature is a deciding factor. IfLearn more>>
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